Enrich your office
coffee service

Single cup offers cafe-style drinks
and freshly-brewed quality.

Single cup office coffee products in Sacramento and the San Francisco Bay Area

Made on-site

Coffee is always fresh, never cold or bitter, when made by the cup with a single cup brewer.

Lots of variety

One brewer can offer hundreds of drink options with zero cross contamination brew after brew.

Employee approved

With diverse drink choices, including specialty coffees, single cup wows in the workplace.

Innovative brewing

Single cup brewers utilize the latest technology to ensure the ideal coffee flavor extraction.

Boost culture onsite

SIngle cup brings the cafe experience to the break room, driving up morale and satisfaction.

Enhanced drinks with
a stylish design

Portable and flexible, this Flavia liquid brewer offers both variety and hassle-free use. Each drink uses a unique flat pack to brew the beverage, only available from office coffee service providers. The flat pack ensures fresh beverages with patented technology that also prevents cross over of different flavors. This unit also features an interactive LCD screen and brew over ice function to create iced coffees and teas.

Single cup coffee solutions for Sacramento and the San Francisco Bay Area businesses

Elite, recognized
single cup brand

An authorized distributor of Keurig in the Sacramento and the San Francisco Bay Area, PVS Vending can provide THE NAME in single cup to your business. Known as the innovator of single cup coffee, offering this type of brewer has instant credibility with employees and customers. Plus, dozens of major brands have partnered with Keurig to offer over 500 different types of K-Cup pods compatible with the Keurig brewer.

Sacramento and the San Francisco Bay Area single cup office coffee products

Beans to brewed
cup perfection

We offer the Cafection Encore 29 for those customers wanting the premium bean to cup experience. Whole beans are housed within the brewer, which grinds them right before brewing the user’s beverage. Each drink is personalized via the touchscreen on the front, offering a unique interactive experience without the need of a barista. It’s compact, environmentally friendly, and offers the full smell, sights, and sounds of a coffee house.

Single cup office coffee products for Sacramento and the San Francisco Bay Area offices
Cultivate an energizing atmosphere with single cup coffee service from PVS Vending at 844-527-4800 or info@pvsvending.com.