Decrease stress and energize employees by adding tea to your Sacramento & San Francisco break rooms

Increasing your employee’s health and well-being today with high quality tea

There are many health benefits of adding hot tea to your workplace break rooms today! Tea has been around for centuries and has continued to become increasingly popular over the years.

Tea has been proven to reduce stress, strengthen your immune system, and increase focus + energy levels. By adding tea to your break rooms, employees will have the opportunity to enjoy a hot cup of tea at anytime throughout the day.

Office tea service in Sacramento & San Francisco
Sacramento & San Francisco tea and water filtration services

Enhancing company culture with delicious blends of hot tea

Providing non-coffee drinkers the opportunity to enjoy a hot beverage in your Sacramento & San Francisco break room!

By offering a variety of blends, such as green tea, black tea & herbal teas, employee’s will remain inspired and energized throughout the entire work day!

Adding tea culture to your workplace will encourage employees to stress less at work & provide inclusion for all during
work hours!

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