Vending Machines in Sacramento and San Francisco

Vending machines and water filtration service in Los GatosPVS Vending Provides Office Coffee and Vending Machines in Los Gatos

Are you ready to work with best vending company in Los Gatos? Then youʼve found it! At PVS Vending, weʼre proud to serve Los Gatos and the entire San Francisco Bay Area, providing quality vending solutions and excellent customer service, every time.

When you work with us for your Los Gatos vending needs, youʼll have the option to customize your food, drink and coffee items to suit the tastes of you and your staff.

The City of Los Gatos Delivers Office Coffee and Water Filtration Service to Your Businesses

  • Vending machines stocked with your choice of traditional vending machine items, cold food vending items, and even healthy vending machine items. For beverages, take your pick among Coca Cola vending products and Pepsi vending products, including sodas, juices and waters.
  • A free vending option that allows you to cover the cost of snacks and beverages — thus providing a low-cost, high-impact perk for your Los Gatos employees.
  • Water filtration systems that do away with the need for lugging in 5-gallon jugs. Our water filtration systems are plumbed into your buildingʼs water supply, providing both hot and cold water quickly.
  • Office coffee service that is designed with your workforce in mind. Choose a basic coffee maker, or fully stock your break room with single cup systems, flavored coffees and teas and more.

Office Coffee And Micro-Markets in Los GatosPVS Vending Services Micro-Markets, an Open Market Concept in Los Gatos

  • Micro-markets that supply even more variety in food and drinks. They look like a small corner store, but employees donʼt have to venture out of the building to take advantage of the multitude of items that corner store provides. With a kiosk that accepts debit cards and credit cards, theyʼre easy to pay for too.
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