Vending Machines in Sacramento and San Francisco

vending machines and office coffee service in San FranciscoSan Francisco is Raving About Vending Machines

Look no further than the PVS Vending machines for your San Francisco office break room. We can customize your food and beverage vending machines to fit the tastes of your San Francisco employees. Having vending machines in the office results in all kinds of positives benefits like boosting morale and keeping workers on the job. We also offer subsidized vending which is a great way to show employee appreciation. Our vending machines offer the latest features, guaranteed product delivery systems, cashless and mobile payments, and light speed technology. Food vending machines are a great healthy alternative to snack vending machines that provide you with fresh food that focus on wholesome, natural ingredients.

Unique Office Coffee Service and Water Filtration in San Francisco

There is nothing better than having a San Francisco office break room that provides an assortment of coffees and teas with advanced coffee equipment. We provide traditional brewers as well as single cup brewers that allow San Francisco employees to brew themselves their very own latte or cappuccino. Single cup brewers also double as brewing flavored coffees and teas. We not only restock coffees and teas on a regular basis, but also your coffee supplies, like stir sticks, napkins, plates, creamers, utensils, you name it!

Our water filtration service is an eco-friendly service that offers floor standing and counter top models, which provide both hot and cold water to your San Francisco employees. A cold, refreshing glass of water is exactly what you will get from our water filtration service. It is a great benefit as a standalone service as well as to provide great tasting coffee and tea. Better tasting water starts with our advanced water filtration service.

vending service and micro-markets in San FranciscoThe Micro-Market Meets San Francisco

The micro-market is similar to a small corner store for your San Francisco office break room. Micro-markets can handle a great variety of products from different sodas to healthy food options that typical vending machines do not offer. Employees can make secure purchases at the easy to use self-checkout kiosk, while also being monitored by cameras 24/7. We always know how your market is doing thanks to our advanced product management that also lets us know what items need to be restocked before returning.

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