Vending Machines in Sacramento and San Francisco

Vending machines and water filtration service in San RafaelPVS Vending Provides Office Coffee and Vending Machines in
San Rafael

Are you happy with the vending program at your San Rafael place of business? If your business is like a lot of them, you have a few vending items, but it’s not enough to keep workers in the building when they’re really craving a delicious snack. But when your San Rafael workers have the stuff they’re looking for, they’ll tend to stick around, get their snacks and drinks on site, and in turn, get more done.

Isn’t that something your San Rafael business could use? At PVS Vending, we’re here to provide.

The City of San Rafael Delivers Office Coffee and Water Filtration Service to Your Businesses

  • Office coffee service. The gathering place of every break room is the coffee machine — so why not provide the best? Choose from an assortment of coffees and teas, including flavored coffees and teas or single cup coffee systems.
  • Vending machines. Whether your San Rafael business needs a wider selection of traditional vending items, healthy vending products, or cold food vending, we can provide. We also offer Coca Cola vending products and Pepsi vending products too.
  • Water filtration. There’s no need for those 5-gallon jugs when you take advantage of our plumbed-in water systems! We’ll help you get clean hot and cold water with just the press of a button.

Office Coffee And Micro-Markets in San RafaelPVS Vending Services Micro-Markets, an Open Market Concept in San Rafael

  • Micro-markets. Step up your game a few notches and let us help you install a mini-market right in your break room! With a wide selection of food and drinks and a convenient self-pay kiosk, they’re the growing trend in great vending for your San Rafael office.
  • Free vending. Want to giver your employees a perk they’ll really appreciate? That’s where free vending comes in. It’s a great way to show your employees you care, while spending less than other employee recognition programs.
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