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Boost your company culture with better coffee, genuine food, and an inspiring atmosphere.

Foster meaningful collaborations in your Sacramento and San Francisco Bay area workplace with a well-designed space for breaks, informal meetings, meals, and more.

PPE Vending Machine Solutions

Offering easily accessible protective equipment

Help prevent the spread of COVID-19 by incorporating vending machines fully stocked with PPE into your reopening plan. CDC guidelines recommend the use of PPE such as face masks, gloves, and hand sanitizers for those who have frequent or close contact with others. Placing vending machines with PPE in high-traffic areas like hotels and airports as well as in your place of business provides employees and customers a quick, on-the-go option to purchase much needed safety supplies.

Customize a PPE solution to fit your organization’s specific requirements.

Deliver the right combination of products to meet everyone’s needs.

Provide employees and customers with the PPE they need to feel safe.

Create a workplace cafe right in your break area

Sponsor your employees’ favorite items from traditional to unique, including seasonal fruit and healthy options.

Transform your break area into a personalized shopping oasis for employees.

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Dietitian inspired healthy selections that boost energy, creativity, and wellness.

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Modern vending machines designed to impress with more payment options and fewer hassles.

Make your workplace stand out to talented employees.

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