A better company culture begins with a superior break room

Offer free snacks and beverages to boost morale and inspiration

Free Vending experts throughout the Sacramento and San Francisco Bay Area.

Pay for the food, drinks, and snacks your top employees want and watch as loyalty, collaboration, and productivity grow. We will customize the free vending program to fulfill your specific Sacramento and San Francisco Bay area company needs, including baskets of fresh fruit, a cereal bar, candy dispensers, fresh sandwiches, and more.

Make your break room your secret weapon in the war for talent.

PVS Vending can ensure your company has the nutritious, grab-and-go refreshments today’s multi-tasking employees want where they work.

  • Customized Programs

    Choose just the snacks, beverages, and food you want to offer your employees free of charge.

  • Employee Benefits

    Free refreshment is a workplace perk today’s busy worker will notice and appreciate.

  • Healthy Lifestyle

    Support your staff’s efforts to live a healthier lifestyle by offering convenient, nutritious options.

  • The Ultimate Breakroom

    Customizable solutions designed to impress during a coffee break or a casual meeting.

  • Your Free Vending Partner

    Partner with PVS Vending for professional service and expert knowledge on offering today’s solutions.

  • Convenience

    Ensure everything your employees need to stay focused and inspired is at their fingertips.

Reap the benefits of a fun, social workplace full of happy employees using free vending from PVS vending at 844-527-4800 or info@pvsvending.com.