Today’s best snack selections available now

A perfect balance of indulgent and healthy

Partner with the snack vending machine professionals in Sacramento and San Francisco Bay area

PVS Vending knows vending, and we know how to ensure your Sacramento and San Francisco Bay area workers get the snack options they want. We offer a large variety of today’s best options including candy, chips, bars, nuts, fruit, and more. Employees and guests can get a fast snack or addition to their meal without ever having to leave the workplace.

Our snack vending machines are also on the cutting edge of technology. All snack vending machines can accept credit or debit card payment as well as mobile wallet payments. Built inside each vending machine is a set of sensors that monitor if a product drops into the delivery area. If it doesn’t, the vending machine triggers a refund automatically.

Personalize the snack options brought into your break room

We work to customize each snack vending machine to the specific needs and wants of our customers.

Ensure your break room is a place employees and guests can count on for good snacks with service from PVS Vending at 844-527-4800 or