Enjoy water the way it was meant to taste

Stay hydrated with ease

Our water filtration service in the Sacramento and San Francisco Bay area offers employees and guests pure tasting water without any hassles.

Water filtration service delivers a premium, clean tasting water without the transport and storage challenges of 5 gallon. The unit is connected to your company’s water line, taking water through filtering processes that remove impurities, odor, and foul taste. You enjoy just great tasting water, hot or cold.

Customize a floor or countertop water filtration solution

Innovations that make water even tastier

Vivreau® filters improve water quality to a level that completely eliminate the need for pre-bottled mineral waters. Your employees and guests will have their own limitless, chilled, and filtered sparkling or still water in reusable glass bottles.

Uses refillable designer glass bottles
Offers both sparkling and still water
High level of filtration improves taste
Sophisticated technology and design

Revive the positive social and collaborative aspects of the office water cooler with a superior PVS Vending solution at 844-527-4800 or info@pvsvending.com.