Make your break room a personalized refreshment oasis

Enjoy an open break room refreshment solution with hundreds of options.

Be the envy of all Sacramento and San Francisco Bay area businesses with a PVS Vending micro-market.

  • Well designed space

    Open racks and glass-fronted coolers create an ideal space equally ready for meals or a mentor discussion. It brings a welcome upgrade to any break room.

  • Easy to use kiosk

    Checkout fast and securely at the technologically advanced micro-market kiosk. It allows for purchases 24 hours a day using a touchscreen where you can pay with cashless options such as credit or debit cards as well as mobile.

  • Company specific selections

    We customize each micro-market with the products your employees want most. We change out slow moving items, opting instead for the brands and categories in demand, including healthy alternatives.

Engage your talented employees and encourage collaboration with a break room area that becomes a social workplace.

Connected equipment gives us instant access to what has sold in your micro-market.

In addition to an open design and convenient food and beverages, micro-markets offer advanced forms of security. Cashless payment is encrypted, the kiosk is fully sealed without open ports and the entire market is monitored with video to ensure the best service.

Join the ranks of Sacramento and San Francisco Bay area’s elite businesses with micro-markets from PVS Vending at 844-527-4800 or