Enhanced break room service through technology innovations

Optimized vending machine technology

Sacramento and San Francisco Bay area vending machine service driven forward by technology.

Superior warehouse system for product delivery
All online equipment for real-time data
Reduced emissions from unnecessary vehicles
Investment in service enhancing warehouse systems

Discover how our warehouse investments are delivering better, error-free service

Lightspeed technology

More ways we use technology to serve you better

Mobile Vending App

Ask for a new product, report an issue, or request a refund all with a fast mobile app

Mobile Payments

Gain the ability to pay with your mobile wallet, such as Google Wallet or Apple Pay

Energy Star

Vending machines built to better energy usage standards identified by Energy Star

Lightspeed Technology

Advanced warehouse system that allows us to prepack all the products you need

Infrared Technology

Built in sensors guarantee a product is delivered or triggers an automatic refund


Company wide recycling programs from the warehouse to our own break room

Scan the code on any machine and instantly provide feedback or report an issue

Partner with a provider embracing today’s technology with ease — PVS Vending at 844-527-4800 or info@pvsvending.com.