Deliver the nutritious and delicious options employees crave

Provide the best healthy snack and beverage variety around

Serving the Sacramento and San Francisco Bay area premium healthy refreshment solutions.

Partner with PVS Vending on corporate wellness refreshment programs to ensure your break room is the very best it can be. Choose from dozens of healthy options that include snacks, foods, and drinks. Each selection is marked with the nationally supported FitPick program logo confirming that it meets established nutrition guidelines. Now it’s easy to spot the better-for-you options with one glance.

Meet today’s desire for healthy eating choices
Lower company health insurance premiums
Show employees their workplace cares

Unique items with big flavor

Select new and trend setting healthy options for your Sacramento and San Francisco Bay company

Focus on improvements in your break room to optimize your corporate wellness program. Not only can you get healthy snacks and foods made fresh from PVS Vending’s commissary, but you can also enjoy a variety of packaged snacks and beverages. Request your favorites or try all the new items we find and deliver to your vending machine or micro-market.

Achieve more at your business with a professional refreshment program that supports healthy choices with PVS Vending at 844-527-4800 or e-mail