Genuine food delivers the focus and energy to get you through your day

Inspire more break room collaboration

Gourmet food vending machines for the Sacramento and San Francisco Bay area

Provide the fresh food refreshment options that will turn your break room into a fun second office. With fresh food made with quality ingredients, your employees will be able to eat and interact as they nutrish their bodies and minds.

Fresh food

From savory burgers to protein packed wraps, we offer a variety of freshly prepared items.

Customized selections

Opt for a menu tailored to the unique tastes of your employees and location needs.

Employee benefit

Offer the value of onsite fresh food saving both time and money during breaks.


Create an atmosphere where employees want to achieve more and collaborate.

Satisfy employees with deli-quality food

PVS Vending offers gourmet tasting fresh food options in our micro-markets and with free vending solutions.

Employees can purchase a wide variety of fresh food items from an on site micro-market designed with open racks and food coolers. Or sponsor food items for your staff, offering the perk of free vending refreshment service.

Get more variety from your food vending machine

We deliver only the best quality fresh food and trendy flavors to our Sacramento and San Francisco Bay area customers.

Bring fresh food to work for a better work-life balance with PVS Vending at 844-527-4800 or