Service driven enhancements made possible through technology

PVS Vending is focused on investing in technology to improve our customer’s experience

Preferred vending machine provider in Colorado and Utah

Enhanced warehouse product packing technology
100% real-time sales data keeps us updated
Fewer vehicles with less weight reduces our carbon footprint
Advanced stocking systems lead to greater efficiency

Smart vending that keeps up with the speed of business

Credit Card Readers

Use your credit or debit card at any of our vending machines or micro-markets.

Mobile Payments

Pay with your mobile device using services such as Apple Pay and Google wallet.

Energy Star

Save energy because all the vending machines we place are Energy Star certified.

Lightspeed Technology

A sophisticated warehouse picking system means lighter vehicles using less gas.

Infrared Technology

Built-in monitoring ensures items are delivered to vending machine users or trigger refunds.


On a mission to keep Colorado and Utah beautiful with company-wide recycling.

Faster, more efficient service starts with prepacking items at the warehouse

Lightspeed technology

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